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i dont really beleive thats its final and that were not just going to call each other and mke up but the more i think about it the more i belvie that this is the end, theres nothing holding us together anymore. the sorry conculsion the low dirty war.
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"can you put a price on a beautiful day? how much money would it take to keep you in doors and file papers or awnser phones? while the birds are out and the sun is shining."

why is my life so depressing

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i have alot of repressed anger thats usaully the olny reason im mean to anyone ever because theres somthing worse that pissed me off more and now im taking it out on them its almost always my familys fault sooo much repression or im sick somtimes i get mad for no reason when im sick anyways thers a song called narc by interpol its a good song any song by interpol is a good song i really like them i didnt go to school today because my throught hurts really bad and i need to do some homework my parents hate me we got in a fight this weekend of course just like any other weekend but so they said i have to give them 1000 up front for the car which is never going to happen but really im so indiffrent about the whole thing maybe they will feel bad for me and get me a car anyways ioknow

its a good thing i dont have any little faggots for friends because i would probobly end up killing myself

so theres this show called tom mayor gose to town its on adult swim and its pretty much people making really funny faces for 15 mins everyone should watch it if you dont like it you a nazi
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i was going to go to the circus yesterday..that turned out quite disapointing.Today i learned that fireflies light up the way they do because they want to mate with you..or eat you.

summer is great, i think i want to move to france or london.

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i was being a basterd to my mom yesterday entile i realized i needed my pills refilled so i made up some shit about being depressed over dustin and now she wont leave it alone she keeps talking about how all guys are jerks and how i should smile because it happend not cry because its over, i swear she stole that from some card

but yea dustin isnt talking to me, w/e to tell you the truth i dont really care im not sure why i just dont..its probobly because i dont liek him anymore

taste of chaos was amazing i had so much fun with dna and holly i love those two. The friends that i have now i will have for the rest of my life

my new classes are very gay i burn time by playing truth or dare with dna through texts yes i know its very gay but its the type of bordem where you feel like figdeting somthing to death..on a lighter note i have this boy that i think i like in 3 of my classes

the highlight of the day was the enormous cookie that zach bought me at lunch

man i havnt updated sence valentimes day..

ow me and jorden broke up a little over two weeks ago..and then me and dustin started going out just two days after that..sence me and him havent even spoken about braking up technically we havnt but we also havnt spoken in almost 5 days so w/e itll kinda be like nomans land or we just wont ever talk again..hmm...the only problem with this is that im so use to having a boy there and now all of a sudden there isnt..this feeling is very foreign to me

razzle berry pie is delicous...today was nachos day at school....i love days like this.


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its valentines day tommaro

a ridiculous mockery of a holiday

me dna holly tyler matt micense and two other kids all tryed to go to pedro the lion yesterday..failed miserably..but it was cool we all just hung out downtown for like 5 hours, it was so nice outside and just a wonderful night to get stranded with nothing to do..we went to this lounge were they sold us cosmopolitans and had belly dancers, later they kicked us out cause they realized they never carded us hahaha fools, we saw lots of stripers, ate delicous pizza, jamed to ratatat, talked to random black people, and saw a women with breats as large as my body if i were to go into the fetus postion.

im just really glad it happend it was marvolous to just hang out with really cool people and be really pretty and funny together, i also bought yellow submarine the book..ow man i think thats probobly the coolest thing to read while your on shrooms

i love dna and holly.
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i finaly started drivers ed i have it on mondays tuesdays and thursdays but the ladys a little insane so she said not to count that as a official scheduel so i guess if she feels likeit we could have it all week but anyways so i work on sundays mondays and tuesdays, i wake up at 630 go to school after school go to drivers ed from drivers ed i go to work entile 10, im only supose to work entile 9 but i cant leave if i have a table..assholes..so i come home at 10 and i dont get to sleep entile like 12 because of my homework, getting clean, etc..then i wake up at 630 once more and do the same thing....its wearing me out man..but im glad im fianly going to get this stupid class done with..we had a bst thing on writing yesterday it was supose to be about who you admired most when you were younger..sence there was no age set i decided to pick pink floyd its an amazing paper i dont expect to get any less then a 5i even drew them a really cool picture

i have work in 30..i hate my life right now i wish i was a fat ass that got to sit at home and do nothing all day

today me and jorden are at 4 months
thats a lone time